May 14 17 9:32 AM

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"Coy Hubbard never hurt Sylvia and I told the prosecutor, who eventually realized that that was so. I said it then and I'll say it forever, he was innocent."

- Stephanie Baniszewski

As Coy was Stephanie's boyfriend, he would have come round specifically to hang out with her, so she would have been in his company on at least a few occasions when he was abusing Sylvia. Therefore, for her to say that in all the time that she was with him, which would have been most of the time he spent in that house, she never saw him harm Sylvia is ludicrous (As we all know, he testified to his involvement in the 1971 trial hearing).

She is denying reality because Coy is someone who is too close to her heart to think badly of. So as Stephanie is vulnerable to self-deception when the person concerned is too personal to her, how honest is she being with herself about her own level of participation?